Tetris Effect Boss Abilities

Credit to Doremy for outlining each boss's ability.

Each boss has its own combination of attacks (officially termed as "Blitzes") to perform once the meter gets charged. One of them is unique to the boss (will be referred to as signature attack below), while others are shared between bosses in the same "Area" (will be referred to as common attack below).

Knowing these are useful for playing against player bosses or selecting which boss you'd like to play in Connected VS. Due to differing abilities, some of them are relatively more potent than others. In general,

  • The power/complexity of their attacks increases over time.
  • Attacks usually alternate between the signature attack and common attacks.
  • Later boss attacks are almost always combined.

Example attack sequence for Cancer ♋️:

  1. Bump Up
  2. Unstable ✍️
  3. Twist
  4. Bump Up
  5. Unstable ✍️
  6. No Hold + Twist
  7. Unstable ✍️
  8. No Hold + Twist
  9. Bump Up + Unstable ✍️
  10. No Hold
  11. Bump Up + Unstable ✍️
  12. No Hold + Twist
  13. Bump Up + Unstable ✍️

Summary Table

Bump Up

All bosses have this attack. The attack itself is pretty simple as it just adds some garbage lines. However, it will often be the move that tops you out later in the game.

Area 1

Area 1 bosses require the least amount of line clears to charge their meters.


You'll have blocks "rain" on top of your field.

Soft Drop

Self-explanatory. You can't hard drop.

Pisces ♓️

You'll have some blocks pop in and out.

Pop In

Pop Out

These attacks disrupt your field a lot later on.

Sagittarius ♐️


The boss shoots arrows that pierce through your stack. More arrows will go through your stack later on.

Taurus ♉️


Makes your pieces 4 times larger.

Area 2


"Twists" your stack vertically.

No Hold

Disables hold.

Cancer ♋️


This attack changes your next pieces to "unstable" pieces that look firey.

When one "unstable" piece touches another "unstable" piece, they'll explode, affecting the surrounding blocks.

Libra ♎️

Hard Field

Makes certain lines in the field harder to clear. You'll need to clear those lines twice to get rid of them.

Hard Block

Makes the piece harder to clear. Note the first field below.

Scorpio ♏️


Makes your pieces fall faster.

Area 3

Some consider these bosses to be the strongest for Connected VS. Their signature attacks and common attacks are both good.


Randomly mixes up your stack.

No Next

Disables previewing your next piece.

Gemini ♊️


Duplicates the piece and joins them. They tend to get further apart in later phases.

Aries ♈️


Inverts your field. It will invert your whole field in later phases.

Virgo ♍️

No Spin

Freezes your current piece's rotation state, and it will also spawn pieces in random frozen rotation states.

Area 4

No Hold & No Next

Identical to the attacks in Area 2 and Area 3.


Instantly creates multiple I dependencies, which greatly disrupts your stack. The difference between this attack and Area 1's "Rain" is that the blocks will never be next to each other.

Capricon ♑️


It gives you minos that look like:


Gives you the standard pentominos.


Later on, Capricorn will give you "broken" pieces. It will give you weird minos like:

Once Capricorn gets to this phase, it's tough to deal with, especially given that Capricorn can also perform the "Hi-Stakes" attack because it's an Area 4 boss.

Aquarius ♒️


Restricts where you can place your mino.

Leo ♌️

Hide Field

You'll need to drop a certain number of pieces to see your field again.

Area 5

Tetrimidion is the Area 5 boss. It can pick from any of the attacks, but charging will take a lot longer.

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Again, full credit to Doremy for outlining each boss's ability.

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