Tetris (テトリス)

credit to kazu for the examples used on this page unless noted otherwise

This page will focus on utilizing Tetrises mid-game. An ideal game will have the right balance between Tetrises and T-Spins without much singles/doubles/triples in between unless doing downstack combos.

Beginners learning T-Spin setups often overlook Tetrises because it can be seen as an inefficient method to attack, but it can offer many benefits when used appropriately. One of Tetris's greatest advantages is that it sends 4 lines (5 lines with B2B) while lowering your field by 4 lines. This means that it is excellent for both attack and defense.

Counting to 4

Completing the Tetris

Counting to 4 is an essential skill that you should learn and utilize for mid-game Tetrises.

count to 4


Building Tetrises from an empty field is inefficient, but there are often situations where you can complete a Tetris with just a few pieces. This is the most basic form of counting to four.

credit to free_hika for the first example. credit to grave for the third example.

Manaita / Hamburger

T-Spin Singles and Os go well together when building a Tetris. The technique below is called まな板 (pronounced "manaita"; it means cutting board) in the Japanese community. This technique is great for cleaning up your field.

T-Spin Singles done as a hamburger and Os/Ls also go well together. In the second example, the TSS is rotated differently compared to the first because the O has to be used in another part of the stack.


Counting to 4 goes great with T-Spin Forecasting. Forecasting a T-Spin means that a player stacks in a way where T-Spin slots will emerge after line clears.


The most basic form would be combining simple TSDs with a Tetris.


These are some other slightly more advanced examples of Forecasting with a Tetris. The second STSD example would not work without the Tetris being done beforehand (see Boomerang).


You can do a particular Prophecy T-Spin with an I if you can count to 4. A Prophecy T-Spin just means setting up a T-Spin overhang in advance.

credit to grave for this example

Fixing Misdrops

It's also a useful skill since it can help you fix misdrops in some cases.

See Also / References

  • テトリステンプレ集@テト譜 on まな板

credit to kazu for the examples used on this page unless noted otherwise


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