Double PC (DPC)

A 8-height perfect clear requires 20 minos. This translates to 2 bags and 6 minos and it means that you will have 1 leftover mino after performing it.

With this 1 leftover mino, it is possible to build a TSD → PC setup that has an extremely high chance of success. After doing the TSD → PC, you will have used 5 bags and you have essentially completed a loopable setup which leaves an empty field and a fresh bag.

This page lists TSD → PC setups that you can use after doing any 8-height perfect clear. This includes openers such as Hachispin, Single Double PC, Triple Triple PC, and more.

The majority of these setups were found by Yuu (ゆう) and the credit for the organized setups and solutions shown on this page goes to him. Some of these setups were also found by cosin307 and JimothyJimothy.


JO (100%)

OJ (100%)

Other (100%)

Optional to learn but it's a good one if you can build it. These have the same solution as these.


You can practice these here, here, and here.

OL (100%)

ILO (100%)

You just need the first solution for all sequences but the second solution will allow you to do another TSD sometimes.

LI (100%)

For this setup, you will need L before I and J. However, since you can mirror this setup, you really just need L or J before I.

S or Z

OS (99.84%)

SO (100%)

Other (100%)

The above two patterns will cover all cases with an extra S, and using those two is recommended. This is an alternate pattern that you could use when you have an early O.

L or J

OJ and ZS (100%)

OJ and SZ (98.33%)

JO (92.98%)

T (96.63%)

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As mentioned earlier, the credit for the organized setups and solutions shown on this page goes to Yuu (ゆう).

Thanks to JimothyJimothy for O3 and the tip on I3

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