6th PC Patterns

Some patterns you could use for your 6th PC—credit to patterns shown here goes to JimothyJimothy and cosin307.

For your 6th PC, you'll have 5 leftover pieces in addition to your hold piece. We will be arranging 4 to 5 of them under the assumption that they are all unique. These patterns are optional to learn.

We won't do the math here, but doing a 6-height PC will also put you in this same situation because you'll have 6 total leftover pieces. Examples of a 6-height PC would be doing a 2-line PC following PCO, or a 4-line PC following the initial TSD in TKI. So some of these patterns will help you follow up with another PC.

No.HoldCurrent Bag (Leftover)Next BagSubsequent Bag

No O

You can also use these two patterns after doing a 2-line PC with IJLOO following PCO.

Hold L (90.44%)

Hold T (91.35%)

No J/L

Hold T (91.03%)

Hold T (92.42%)

No S/Z

Hold T (95.87%)

Hold T (96.71%)

No I

JOSZ (98.57%)

JOSZ (98.65%)

JLOS (96.43%)

JLOS (92.78%)

JLSZ (90.95%)

JLSZ (92.86%)

LSTZ (88.33%)

No T

IJSZ (90.52%)

IJOS (88.61%)

IJOS (92.14%)

IJOS (92.74%)

JOSZ (89.72%)

JOSZ (92.74%)

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