1st PC

You will always start with a fresh bag for your 1st PC. The Perfect Clear Opener and Grace System will suffice for many. The Perfect Clear Opener is also pretty practical for VS in several official games.

No.HoldCurrent Bag (Leftover)Next BagSubsequent Bag

Perfect Clear Opener

Probably the most famous perfect clear setup. The great thing about this opener is that you will always be able to set this up, making it a great fallback pattern. The bad thing about using this when attempting consecutive PCs is that the chance will lower to around 60% if you need to use your I.

Grace System

You have about a 1 in 5 chance of setting this up. Grace System complements PCO well when you're starting out learning 1st PCs.


The 100% 1st PC pattern.

4-Piece Setups

The link below will show you a comprehensive list of 4-piece setups that cover all possible 1st bags. They will give you very high chances of doing your 1st PC. Mapped by Nilgiri.

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