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A TSD → PC opener. Theoretically, this opener has a 99.999% chance of following up with a perfect clear after the first TSD. The two failing sequences are OITZSJLST and IOTZSJLST.

Found by pwn_by_numbers with his setup-finder.


Perfect Clear

After the TSD, you'll want to spin in a J like the first picture, and place a Z or L like the second and third pictures if you get them early.

The two fields will have a 100% chance of perfect clear with 6 solutions:

However, if Z and L don't appear early, look at the 5th preview (we're assuming that you have used hold and have 5 previews).

  1. If you see either O, L, S, J, or T in your 5th preview, you can use the solutions above to do a PC.

  2. If you see Z, you may use this solution:

  1. If you see I, you don't have a good option. Some possible ones are shown below, but they require an early T to work.

All solutions can be seen here

TSD Continuation

A perfect clear can be harder to achieve if you get a late J. In that case, you may want to continue with a TSD instead. Some examples:

Click here to see more possible TSD continuations.

See Also

setup-finder was used to find possible TSD continuations


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