Triple Triple PC (TTパフェ)

⚠️ This article is categorized as miscellaneous. If you're a beginner, we don't recommend learning the content shown on this page before learning other setups unless you're just doing it for fun.

Triple Triple PC is a TST → (TSS or TSD or TST →) PC opener created by ゆう. It is an opener that is recommended by the creator for beginners, along with Single Double PC.

You can use it when you have a S or Z that appears before the O in your first bag, e.g., SOLZTJI.

There are mainly two routes for this opener. The first is where you do a perfect clear on the third bag (like the one above), and following up with a Double PC. The second is a 5-bag sequence that ends in a perfect clear. Either route will leave you with an empty field with a fresh bag, making it possible to continue with an opener.

Bag 1 & Bag 2

The second bag can be stacked in two different ways, depending on whether J or O comes first. With the first way, you will do a perfect clear on your third bag and optionally continue with Double PC. If you continue with the second way, you will be following a 5-bag sequence that ends in a perfect clear.

Route 1

Bag 3 (PC)

You theoretically have a 100% chance of doing a perfect clear if you could stack the second bag like above, and these are the 13 solutions you will need to know.

For some solutions, you will be able to do a TST/TSD/TSS before doing a perfect clear. The solution involving a TST, where this method's name comes from, is possible approximately 1 out of 5 times.

Bag 4 & Bag 5 (DPC)

So far, you have done an 8-height PC and you will most likely have an extra S/Z/J/L left. Double PC is a TSD → PC setup that you can use in this case, and it is a great way to follow up and potentially continue your loop. Click the link below to see patterns you could use.

Route 2

This is the route you would be following if O came before J on your second bag. You will have an 86.67% chance of being able to PC on your 5th bag.

Bag 3 & Bag 4

Bag 5 (PC)

If you were able to PC, and you have an S or Z that appears before the O for the next bag, you are free to start over.

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