Single Double PC (SDパフェ)

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A TSS → TSD → (TSS →) PC opener created by ゆう. Single Double PC is an opener that is recommended by the creator for beginners, along with Triple Triple PC.

The opener leaves a clean field after the TSD, making it easy to follow up with normal stacking when you cannot achieve the perfect clear.

While the only requirement of this opener is an early O, this opener often requires multiple soft drops while setting up the TSS and TSD, which makes it slow to carry out the attacks.

You will rarely be able to achieve the perfect clear in Tetris vs. Tetris matches. However, you will have a much higher chance in Tetris vs. Puyo matches because the first attack from Puyo Puyo players is usually slower in terms of timing. The TSS, B2B TSD, B2B TSS (not always possible but possible in many PC solutions), and PC are decent attacks against Puyo Puyo, which you will carry out with just 3 bags.



You may need to soft drop up to 3 times for this bag.


The PC chance itself is 97.18%, and the chance goes up to 100% when you have T as your first piece. You will have the opportunity to do an extra TSS for many solutions.


You will have a 47.6% and 41.2% chance to PC the first way and second way, respectively. Your PC chance is 75.6% with these two solutions alone. These are easy to spot and are worth memorizing.


If you can place your T in your 3rd bag like below (this would be a T-Spin Single),

you will have an extremely high chance of PC (99.44%) with these three solutions (the first two are same as above):

The reason why the PC chance is 99.44% (716/720) instead of 100% is because there are 4 failing sequences where placing the T as above will not work, when you get T as the first piece for your 3rd bag: TIJLZSO, TJILZSO, TJIZLSO, and TIJZLSO. For these, you will be able to PC with this instead:

Below are the rest of the solutions.

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