Sailboat (SSTシップ)

⚠️ This article is categorized as miscellaneous. If you're a beginner, we don't recommend learning the content shown on this page before learning other setups unless you're just doing it for fun.

Sailboat is a TSS → TSS → TST opener created by ゆう. Follow-ups shown on this page are from saltedbread and RJ.

Basic Form

Bag 1

Bag 2



flowchart credit to saltedbread and RJ

This is a flowchart you can refer to decide your follow-up. This page covers 3D Cannon, SMBC, SMBC TD, Jinius Tower, Fractal, and RJ Special.

3D Cannon

A DT Cannon STSD follow-up to this opener. This setup can be created if you can do an early TST by getting an early T in your 3rd bag.

After you complete the 3 TSDs, a follow-up with C-Spin is possible.


If you can't do an early TST because you have a late T in your 3rd bag, you can create an STMB Cave.


credit to amie and garbo

An OverFuture follow-up to SMBC. Requirements for this setup are:

  1. A very early T in your 3rd bag to do the TST before setting up OverFuture, and
  2. An early T in your 4th bag to do a TSD before setting up the DT Cannon STSD.

Below is an example of how you would build it.


A TD follow up to SMBC. Involves a line clear with an O piece.

Jinius Tower

When you get S before Z:

When you get Z before S:

Don't do this. Happens when you attempt to make Jinius Tower without doing a TST beforehand. Your TST overhang will be gone, and you will be left with this shape below.

If you catch this mistake before doing the TSD, you can place another I to recover:


A Fractal follow-up to the first shape of Jinius Tower.

RJ Special

One of the two non-greed paths of Sailboat. This setup accounts for both S and Z for building the subsequent TSD shape.

See Also / References

Refer to ゆう's page on Sailboat for other follow-ups:


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