An opener where you stack your first bag in a way that allows you to follow up with either a perfect clear with a 33% chance or T-Spin Doubles. This opener can be used when you have an early LJ, so it's often used as an alternative to DT Cannon.

You need pretty good stacking skills to utilize this opener to its full potential.

Devised by mkomiz.

PC Continuation

There is a 33.33% (280/840) chance of achieving a perfect clear with the initial field. All solutions require an O.

T-Spin Continuations

Here are some options to choose from if you cannot spot a perfect clear opportunity.

Unnamed Technique

credit to flare (ふれあ)

This continuation always works if you can place a S or Z for the T-Spin overhang before placing the O on top of it. The first continuation shown above often leads to 7-2 stacking.

An example second bag for when you would use the first example: ZTSLOTJI. An example second bag for the second example: STZLOTIL


You can easily transition into LST Stacking if you do a TSS like below.


credit to kazu for the example

Donation TSDs

credit to kazu


You can also choose to set up a STMB Cave:

Incomplete TST

You can follow up with an incomplete TST after doing 2 TSDs like below. Many followups are possible after the incomplete TST; refer to this fumen for some examples. The field after these 2 TSDs actually has a 88.02% PC chance.


People often build Kaidan when they need to use a T for the T-Spin overhang. This is not an uncommon situation, because any non-T overhang needs to be borrowed from the second bag.

Other PC Continuations

6-height PC

If you can't initially spot a perfect clear, you can try to look for this 6-height perfect clear. Assuming that you can place ZLJI like the second picture, the resulting field will have a 100% chance of achieving a perfect clear.

8-height PC

The field resulting after doing 2 TSDs like above actually has a 88.02% PC chance with 15, mostly non-straightforward, solutions. An easier way to go about it would be to only attempt it when you get an early J or Z and placing them like below. These fields have a 88.33% and 86.67% chance, respectively. Note how the position of I is fixed for solutions of the first field, and how J is fixed for the second.

See Also / References

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Thanks to winterNebs for the help on Incomplete TST continuations. Thanks to popte for the help on 8-height PC.

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