Intai Cannon (いんたい砲)

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Intai Cannon is a TSD → PC opener. いん退たい translates to "retirement."

It's possible to use this opener for all first bags. Perfect clear opportunities are reasonably easy to find, and they are theoretically possible every time after the TSD.

1st Bag

You can open with this for all possible first bags, which is pretty unique.

As a side note, this field theoretically has a 100% PC chance with 10 solutions, but it's only theoretical because you only know what you have for the next 7 pieces.

2nd Bag+


You theoretically have a 100% PC chance after the TSD as well with 6 solutions, but since you can only see what you have for the next 7 pieces, you won't know what you have for the 8th piece. So instead, you can try to stack one of these two following patterns.

6-Height PC

ILZ (100%)

JSZ (83.33%)

Note how the position of I is fixed for all solutions.

See Also / References

How you stack your first bag is also used when you have an extra T for Double PC.


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