Black Tea Cannon (紅茶砲)

Black Tea Cannon is a TSD → TSD → PC opener.

6-height PC

The original sequence is a 6-height PC that looks like this:


You will have a J left from your second bag. If you were able to do 2 TSDs like above, you'll have a 33.33% PC chance.

PC Only

In certain second bags like LIOSJTZ, you won't be able to do a TSD. However, if you are able to place ILSO like above, you'll have a 100% PC chance with these solutions:

The third solution is shown again because it's needed for queues like TJZOJ

8-height PC

Perhaps a more interesting followup to the initial TSD is the TSD → TSD → PC (8 height) sequence found by Okey_Dokey with pwn_by_numbers's setup-finder, as the residual field after the second TSD has a 100% PC chance.


You will always be able to stack the second bag this way unless O comes before I or T. You'll just have to spin them in in some cases.


With the remaining field after the second TSD, you'll have a 100% chance of being able to do a perfect clear with these solutions. The field is symmetrical, so mirrored equivalents are also valid.

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