Albatross (アルバトロスSP)

An Air-TSD → TST → TSD "bird" opener. Many other bird openers that start with a floating TSD exist, but Albatross is the most widely used. You'll need an early O.

Having to soft drop during the first bag in many cases is a significant weakness of this opener.

T-Spin Continuation

People usually follow up with this. The traditional T-Spin continuation involves doing a TST → TSD.

Bag 2

Unless you get an early I, you will be able to complete a TST, as shown above. The next TSD will work for every bag.

If you get an early I, you can try the 8-height PC pattern shown below.

Bag 3

Depends on whether you get O before L or not.

Bag 4+

Bag 4 and onwards are done free-style.

The third field is friendly towards 7-2 stacking.

The first two fields have a 26.67% PC chance.

PC Continuation

6-height PC

credit to Sakana

This shape has a 100% chance of achieving a perfect clear. You can use this pattern when you get an early LI on your second bag. Rarely used.

8-height PC

This shape has a 41.13% chance. You will always be able to stack your second bag this way, so it's useful when you get an early I.

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