Albatross (アルバトロスSP)

An Air-TSD → TST → TSD "bird" opener. There are many other bird openers that start with a floating TSD, but Albatross is the most widely used.

After this first TSD, you can either opt for a T-Spin continuation or a perfect clear continuation.

T-Spin Continuation


The traditional T-Spin continuation involves doing a TST → TSD

Bag 2

Unless you get an early I, you will be able to complete a TST as shown above. The next TSD will work for every bag.

Bag 3

Depends on whether you get O before L or not.

Bag 4+

Bag 4 and onwards are done free-style.


credit to it was all a dream

The continuation that was covered above can't be used when you get an early I. In that case, you could try Greedbatross. This continuation is dependent on getting an early LZ on your third bag.

Bag 2

Bag 3

If you don't get an early LZ, you could either use a T on your stack or try these.

Bag 4

There's a 28.3% PC chance for Bag 4. Otherwise, you can continue with other T-Spin followups.

PC Continuation

6-height PC

credit to Sakana

This shape has a 100% chance of achieving a perfect clear. You can use this pattern when you get an early LI on your second bag.

8-height PC

credit to Riviclia

Stacking your second bag this way after the first TSD will give you a 43.13% PC chance with 5 solutions.

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