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Tetris vs. Puyo

All tables apply to versus mode.

Garbage Table

In Tetris vs. Puyo, making an attack charges the gauge on the left, which is then converted into nuisance puyos. Attacks aren't sent until you place a block that doesn't do a line clear, and there are some differences in the relative strength of attacks between different moves in Tetris vs. Puyo.

AttackGaugeGarbage (vs. Tetris)Difference
T-Spin Double34↓ 1
T-Spin Triple46↓ 2
Perfect Clear610↓ 4
B2B TSD45↓ 1
B2B TST57↓ 2
B2B Tetris55

Initial versions of PPT had no difference in the gauge charged vs. the number of lines sent in Tetris vs. Tetris matches, but the table was adjusted because games were heavily skewed toward Tetris. Now,

  • A Tetris (4) sends more compared to a T-Spin double (3).
  • Perfect clears used to send much more garbage in the past (10 vs. 6) but has since been nerfed. The same applies to T-Spin triple, which sends the same amount of garbage (4) as a Tetris (4). Therefore, at the moment, you get diminishing returns for perfect clears and T-Spin triples compared to the difficulty of setting these up. Perfect clears should be considered as just another form of attack.
  • A B2B Tetris (5) is almost as strong as a perfect clear (6).

While the amount of gauge charged has been decreased, the amount of garbage cancelling has remained unchanged. For example, if you make a perfect clear right after your puyo opponent sends you 8 lines of garbage, it will cancel 10 lines instead of just 6, so you won't be accepting any garbage. The extra 2 lines won't be sent to your puyo opponent, though, since a perfect clear charges 6 gauge.

ComboGaugeGarbage (vs. Tetris)Difference
4+1+2↓ 1
5+1+2↓ 1
6+1+3↓ 2
7+2+3↓ 1

The combo table has also been adjusted. Short combos are not that useful. Furthermore, combos are not as powerful in Tetris vs. Puyo matches because it gives Puyo players time to build their chain, which exponentially increases their attack.

Nuisance Puyo Conversion

thanks to pwn_by_numbers for the help on this section
GaugeNuisance PuyoChange From Previous
14+ 4
25+ 1
36+ 1
48+ 2
510+ 2
613+ 3
716+ 3
820+ 4
924+ 4
1028+ 4
1133+ 5
1238+ 5
1343+ 5

Combining Attacks

Attacks sent together can be powerful.

While 2 Tetrises sent separately sends a total of 18 nuisance puyos (8 + 10), 2 Tetrises sent together sends 24 nuisance puyos. The difference is a whole another row.

Another example: 2 Tetrises and an additional line clear (2 combos) sent together send 28 nuisance puyos, which is equivalent to 3 Tetrises sent separately (8 + 10 + 10). Compared to 2 Tetrises sent separately, you send almost 2 more rows of nuisance.

However, do not purposefully delay sending your attack against advanced puyo players. They can easily outchain you while you're building up your field, and combined attacks are not sent until you finish your combo. Your primary goal should be to do constant harassments to isolate their puyos as much as possible. Combining attacks are usually made to finish off your opponent.

Sending Doubles

Doubles will send 4 nuisance puyos (since it charges 1 gauge) while triples will send 5 nuisance puyos. Single line clears will send 0 nuisance puyos. Every time a puyo player gets nuisance puyos, they are forced to wait for the animation to finish before they place their next puyo. If you are in a position where you need to downstack, clearing two lines at a time could be a good strategy. One thing to keep in mind while doing this is to avoid small combos because they are very ineffective, as stated earlier.

For the same reason, T-Spin Mini is a good form of attack in Tetris vs. Puyo.

This strategy is advantageous when margin time is applied to Tetris.

Puzzle League


credit to CP949 for the information

NameWinsLossesMinimum Win %
Student · ビギナー3部3--
Beginner · ビギナー2部5--
Rookie · ビギナー1部7--
Amateur · アマチュア3部31418.8%
Ace · アマチュア2部51329.4%
Wizard · アマチュア1部71238.9%
Professional · プロディビジョン391147.4%
Elite · プロディビジョン2111055.0%
Virtuoso · プロディビジョン113961.9%
Star · ワールドスターB15868.2%
Superstar · ワールドスターA17773.9%
Legend · ワールドスターS19679.2%
Golden · ゴールドレジェンド24585.7%
Platinum · プラチナレジェンド24488.9%
Grand Master · グランドマスターズ-3-

If you meet the minimum win number, you will get a promotion chance to get promoted to a higher league. Legend and below will get this message when they meet a player that has a rating that is > 750 greater than them. For Golden and Platinum, you are guaranteed to get a promotion chance at the required win number. If you win, you will get promoted, and if you lose, your league result will reset.

You can also get in danger of becoming demoted when you reach a certain number of losses. If you lose, you will get demoted to a lower league, and if you win, your league result will reset.

Names Per Rating

PuyoTetrisPuyo & TetrisRating
Puyo Legend
Tetris Legend
Puzzle Legend
Elimination Whiz
Spin Master
Puzzle Hero
All-Clear Whiz
Gravity master
Puzzle Beast
Chain Whiz
Line Clear Master
Puzzle Paragon
Super Chain Whiz
Matrix Master
Puzzle Genius
Puyo Grand Master
Tetris Grand Master
Puzzle Grand Master

Useful to know when you see your opponent on Puzzle League as it will give you a sense of whether he or she will play Tetris or Puyo Puyo.

Semi-Technical Details

Semi-technical details specific to PPT that are helpful to know.

Garbage System

credit to Okey_Dokey for the information

"There's a high chance that the hole changes after each garbage insertion (90% chance). And during each garbage insertion, there's a 30% chance that the hole changes after each line (that means the hole changes roughly 1 time during the 4 or 5 lines sent by a Tetris).

In Puyo Puyo Tetris, the game considers all lines inserted simultaneously in your playfield as one attack. For example, if the opponent does a Double and another Double, and you make no piece placement in the meantime, then both lines will have the garbage hole usually in the same column."


Tips specific to the PC version of Puyo Puyo Tetris.


Turn VSync off. Although VSync eliminates screen tearing, it introduces input lag. The lag has been estimated to be around 4 frames which is enough to make the pieces feel sluggish.

Don't forget to set the game to full-screen mode and look for screen tearing to ensure that the game is rendering above your monitor's refresh rate.

Useful Tools

  • bayoen-star: A tool that counts game scores in 1v1 matches.
  • Cold Clear and Zetris: PPT bots that you can train against. Go to the #releases channel on the respective Discord servers and follow their instructions.
  • PPT-BoardEditor: Lets you edit the field and queue. Created by mat1jaczzy, who also created Zetris. You'll need to install Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable as a prerequisite. If the link doesn't work, go to the Zetris server's #mod-releases channel.
  • CN_PPTRM: Lets you extract and replace replays. Your data.bin file will be located at %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Steam\steamapps\common\PuyoPuyoTetris\data_steam.
  • PPTNextVisualizer: Lets you visualize 5 to 12 nexts. Useful in 4P matches where the queue layout is confusing. Go to the #releases channel for download.
  • ppt-unsquish-text.exe: Certain AMD GPUs seem to cause the name to become squished in PPT. Running this patch fixes it. Created by MinusKelvin. If the link doesn't work, go to the Zetris server's #mod-releases channel.

Resetting Progress

  1. Disable Steam Cloud Save
  2. Navigate to C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PuyoPuyoTetris\data_steam
  3. Backup data.bin and then delete file

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