Yoshihiro SD (よしひろ積み)

A TSM → TSD method. It was created back in the Tetris DS days by player Yoshihiro☆ when a TSM counted as a full TSS, so it used to be an excellent technique to use.

Now, it's usually used when you have a lot of Ts coming up, and you don't know what to do with them.

Using Yoshihiro

The easiest way is to spot this J/L shape.

You can also do the TSM first and then build around it as you become more familiar with this technique.


Most people use this method on the left or right edge, but it is also possible to use it on the middle columns. Below is an example.

credit to kazu for the examples

Air Yoshihiro

Coincidentally, J and L make a perfect base for Yoshihiro by themselves. You can do an Air Yoshihiro by placing them at edges.

Also works the other way:

Purple Rain

A TSS → TSM method that helps you keep B2B. Sometimes used as a compromise when you can't do a TSD.

If you have a TSS overhang that is just 1 row, the next TSM is essentially a Yoshihiro that will allow you to follow up with a TSD.

Contrast with a 2-row TSS overhang.

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