Polymer T-Spins

Polymer T-Spins refer to T-Spin setups consisting of two or more of either Iso-, Neo-, or Fin-TSDs.

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New TSD. These TSDs involve kicking the T piece 2 rows down compared to traditional TSDs. They're bulky and trickier to clean up than regular TSDs, so it's hard to use them in matches appropriately.


Building Iso-TSDs

Iso-TSDs are easy to build if you use a T

credit to whipemerald for the second example

The first picture below is a common mistake that people make while making the overhang for Iso-TSD. It is missing one block marked red on the right.


credit to Cold Clear for the example


Building Neo-TSDs

Most people just recognize the two-step stair like above when building it, but don't forget that you can also make it when you have a 2-wide well like below. You can't create a Fin-TSD here.


credit to Zetris for the example


A Neo-TSD will count as a T-Spin Double Mini instead of a regular TSD. This means that it will send 1 line instead of 4 lines. With back-to-back, it will send 2 lines.

Neo-TSDs can be converted into TSTs.


Perhaps the most practical out of these three TSDs when you consider setup and cleanup.

Building Fin-TSDs

Using a J overhang would be the easiest way to build a Fin-TSD. You will need an S in your queue to clean up the overhang.


For Fin-TSD and Neo-TSD, it is easy to accidentally soft drop the piece into its place instead of kicking the piece into place, which will result in them counting as a double instead of a T-Spin Double/T-Spin Mini Double. A way to avoid this is first to place the piece and then rotate in the opposite direction before performing the kick.

Polymer T-Spins

Polymer T-Spins refer to T-Spins done when you do two or more of either Iso-, Neo-, or Fin-TSDs. Some of these setups were named Trehalose, Isotrehalose, and Kojibiose, because of how they looked like chemical structures. Therefore this class of T-Spins is called "Polymer" T-Spins.


A Fin-TSD → Neo-TSD setup. Given its name due to its resemblance to the chemical structure of trehalose, a disaccharide sugar.

The Neo-TSD can be converted into a TST. Named Kojibiose (kobjibiose is also a disaccharide sugar).

Devised by TCM-β.

Building Trehalose


An Iso-TSD → Neo-TSD setup. A wordplay on trehalose.

Building Isotrehalose

Unnamed Technique

A Fin-TSD → Iso-TSD setup.


The ultimate Fin-TSD → Neo-TSD → TST meme setup. Built for fun.

Godspin is just Trehalose with an extra spin.

Building Godspin

Below is an example of how you would build Godspin with your opening 3 bags.

Setups involving NTSD


A TSD → Neo-TSD or Fin-TSD setup.

Building Yog-Sothoth

Compare with Kaidan, DT Cannon No. 2, and Iso-TSD.

Unnamed Technique

A TSD → Fin-TSD setup.


credit to amemiya (あめみや たいよう) for the example

Unnamed Technique

A TSD → Iso-TSD setup.


credit to nnoihs21 (エバンス) for the example

FinT Cannon

罰金砲. A Fin-TSD → TST setup.

You can use this setup as an opener.


Another setup devised by TCM-β. It's a TST → Neo-TSD setup.

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