Kaidan (階段積み)

A TSD donation setup. Given its name because of how the edge looks similar to stairs (階段, pronounced kaidan in Japanese, means stair). While the overhang can vary, the T-Spin shape is always made with an S or Z.

Building Kaidan

The steps don't have to be at the edge:

Or you could build the wall part yourself:

Fixing Parity

Kaidan is a useful technique to use when you're trying to fix the parity of your stack.

Compare with some less-than-ideal alternatives:

SZ Prop

Kaidan can be considered a subset of SZ prop, where an S or a Z piece is propped up to help create a T spin shape.

credit to kazu for the third example

SZ prop can be combined with donations:

credit to whipemerald for the first example. credit to kazu for the second example. credit to flare (ふれあ) for the third example

Compare with this donation technique:

Advanced Kaidan

Building Around Kaidan

Once you get familiar with this technique, you can place your S/Z first and then build around it.

credit to kazu for the examples

With Foresight

Here are some examples of using foresight with Kaidan and SZ Prop.

credit to kazu for the examples

This is another possible donation that you can do when you see stairs.

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