Anchor Set (アンカーセット)

A rarely used technique that is utilized to maintain Back-to-Back. Given its name because of how the J kind of looks like an anchor.

Using Anchor Set

Anchor set is mainly used in conjunction with the residual overhang that remains after a T-Spin Triple done on a corner, e.g., after an opening DT Cannon.

After anchoring a J, you stack up a donation Tetris. You do need to be conscious of how you stack, or else the open column underneath would remain covered.



Anchor Set vs. Soft Drop

Compare with how you would typically clean up the TST overhang by soft dropping and sliding in an L or a J. In contrast, notice how no soft drop was required in the above example involving Anchor Set.

Placing the J for Anchor Set, assuming that you intend to maintain Back-to-Back, effectively means that you will be committing to stacking 4 more lines to follow up with a Tetris. When you slide in an L, you only have to stack 3 more lines to follow up with a Tetris. This means that you'll remain vulnerable to attacks for a more extended period when you use Anchor Set in most cases.

New DT Cannon

Notably, this method is used as a placement (fourth picture below) in one of the possible follow-ups for New DT Cannon. It uses Anchor Set in combination with Kaidan.

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